Why the Federal Election Could Be Very Good News for Bombardier Inc.

Generally, investors dont really like elections.

Thats because the market hates change. Anything that throws the collective expectations of investors askew is usually going to be met with the stock selling off.

Take TransAlta Corporation and its fleet of coal-fired power plants in Alberta as an example. Even though the newly elected NDP provincial government hasnt done as much as hint towards changes in regulations that would force the company to shutter some of its plants before expected, shares are still down some 30% since the party got elected. Investors are reacting to the speculation that the NDP might change the rules on the power giant.

But sometimes government...

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Wayne County Commission Approves Consent Agreement With Michigan

Wayne County will operate under state oversight and enter into a consent agreement with Michigan, allowing the home county of Detroit to bolster its finances and avoid bankruptcy.

The Wayne County Commission voted 14 to 1 Thursday to approve a consent agreement with the state, Joseph Slezak, a county spokesman said in an e-mail. The pact stops short of Chapter 9 and will allow County Executive Warren Evans to impose pay and benefit cuts. The arrangement, negotiated between Evans and the Michigan treasurer’s office, was delivered to the commissioners for consideration on Tuesday.

The move seeks to improve the county’s cash position, end its $52 million annual deficit...

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RenMoney campaigns…how money does not limit dreams

Often times we find ourselves grappling with one financial challenge or the other due to our limited resources, insatiable human needs or inability to pre-empt a looming financial burden.

This leaves us scrambling for alternative source of cash to meet such challenges and in some cases threatening our goals or dreams in life.

Disturbed by this common trend, RenMoney Micro Finance Bank has launched an innovative campaign designed to motivate Nigerians and also prove that money does not have to limit dreams of individuals anymore.

Comprising of a series of touching videos, the on going campaign showcases real individuals who have faced genuine financial crises at one point...

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Japan economy shrinks in second quarter in setback for ‘Abenomics’

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japans economy shrank at an annualized pace of 1.6 percent in April-June as exports slumped and consumers cut back spending, adding pressure on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to step up his policy drive to lift the economy out of decades of deflation.

Chinas economic slowdown and its impact on its Asian neighbors has also heightened the chance that any rebound in growth in July-September will be modest, analysts say.

The gloomy data adds to signs that Japans economy is at a standstill and heightens pressure on policymakers to offer additional monetary or fiscal stimulus later this year.

The contraction in gross domestic product (GDP) compared...

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1 in 5 Adults Supporting Aging Parents and Grown Kids

“That is startling,” Sadowsky said. “When many of them are just getting started, you have to believe its going to take a big chunk out of their savings and retirement plans. It makes it a lot harder to keep your head above water if you have to support family members and still try to service your debt.”

He pointed out that millennials carry smaller credit-card balances than older generations: $2,000 for millennials versus $5,000 for baby boomers and $4,000 for Gen Xers.

“The positive is that as of right now, millennials are not following in those footsteps,” Sadowsky said.

The survey found that nearly half of Gen Xers (49 percent) believe...

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Making Cents: Getting a kid through college if you haven’t a nest egg

AIB have a second loan offering specifically for paying the annual student contribution charge, currently euro;3000 per annum. The student can borrow the euro;3000 each year for up to four years at 8.45% and while in college make interest-only repayments.

At the end of the course they will then begin repaying the capital. Interest-only payments are comparatively low, euro;20.95 per month in first year rising to euro;62.83 after three years.

So this is an option for students who cant afford to make full repayments while studying, although they are then left with the balance to pay when they graduate. Bank of Ireland offer students an interest free loan of up to euro;1500, to be paid...

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RateSetter to offer secured loans for carsales.com

RateSetter, the peer-to-peer lender in which Carsales.com has a strategic stake, will offer secured personal loans in a sign that lending markets are fragmenting for particular assets as fintech disrupters seek to exploit banks reluctance to offer risk-based pricing on personal loans.

Carsales holds a majority stake in Stratton, the largest automotive finance broker in Australia. Stratton and Carsales bought a 20 per cent stake in RateSetter in March, which has seen Stratton, which handles financing inquiries on Carsales private buyer market, direct customers wanting loans of less than $20,000 to RateSetter.

We are working with Carsales to broaden...

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Barry Wade on the Landless and Squatting

I communicated with Barry Wade, PhD, OD, JP, on January 23, when, at my request, he sent me articles on squatting; one of which was Environmental Justice and the Problems of Landlessness and Squatting and Environmental Refugees: The Church exercising its Preferential Option for the Poor.

Environmental justice was the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people with respect to the development, implementation, and empowerment of environmental laws, regulations and policies. In other words, the people who live near the Riverton Dump and on the gully banks, etc, deserve environmental justice.

Few persons have written the early colonial history of Jamaica like Barry....

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Egan: The making of Ottawa’s angry cabbie

Taxi drivers are probably the angriest workforce in town and, of all the angry taxi drivers, Roy Noja might be the angriest.

A burly man of 38, he has built a public profile through a series of YouTube videos that show him gathering undercover evidence on Uber drivers and berating an Ottawa bylaw officer, raging about a possible ticket in the ByWard Market. It was F-bombs away, a finger-pointing verbal assault about which he is not apologetic.

Imagine then our chipper mayor, Jim Watson — a man who doesnt badmouth enemies, or make many — comparing Noja and his mates to thugs and bullies. Oh my, the things that get under His Worships skin.

The exchange...

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More UAE residents saving for retirement and paying off loans

More UAE residents are saving for retirement, according to a report by the National Bonds Corporation.

At the same time the second-quarter survey by the Dubai-based savings and investment company found that more people are paying off personal loans, yet another indication that the cost of living in the Emirates is on the rise and that residents are struggling to make ends meet.

Forty-two per cent of respondents to the survey said they saved for retirement, a 6 percentage point increase from the first quarter of this year.

The company is trying to promote financial literacy at a time when consumer lending is on the rise.

#x201c;We utilise these survey results...

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